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Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation Fund

Administering Organization

Triangle Community Foundation


The Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation Fund is an endowment held at Triangle Community Foundation.  Established in 1951, the Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation has continued a long tradition of providing assistance to children ages birth through 18 years with cerebral palsy living in North Carolina.  Grants are typically made for equipment or other one-time expenditures not covered by other funding sources or personal means.


The Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation Fund accepts applications for children:
— Ages birth through 18;
— Living in the state of North Carolina; and
— With cerebral palsy or other neuromuscular disorders.

The Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation Fund provides grants for:

  • Necessary equipment, including wheelchairs, restraints, orthoses, strollers, accessibility equipment, etc.;
  • Special one-time services or treatments;
  • Van lifts or other accessibility modifications.
  • The Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation Fund does NOT provide grants for: living expenses; ongoing or long-term expenses; ongoing, long-term therapy or services; ongoing service delivery; equipment that has already been purchased and paid in full.


    Average grant size will be $1,000. Larger grant requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must provide sufficient justification for the item(s) requested. Once a grant is approved, applicants will have three months to sign and return a grant agreement to Triangle Community Foundation. Grantees will be required to select one of the following two payment options and may be required to submit additional information:

  • Grant payment will be made directly to the family for the purchase of requested equipment/service(s). Grantees will be required to provide receipts after purchase in order to be eligible for funding in the future. Grant awards that exceed $600 may be considered taxable income and will require a signed W-9.
  • Grant payment will be made to the family’s choice of vendor. Family must be able to provide an agreement signed by the vendor indicating the willingness and ability to accept a 3rd-party check as payment.
  • How To Obtain An Application

    Click here to access the application form.  Applications can be typed (recommended) or hand-written and must be submitted on or before October 1st, 2014 by mail or fax to:

    Triangle Community Foundation
    324 Blackwell Street, Suite 1220
    Durham, NC 27701
    Fax: 919-941-9208

    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    The application requires a letter from a medical professional or a doctor’s prescription justifying the request for equipment(s)/service(s).  It also requires the signatures of the child’s guardian and an attending doctor, therapist, or other medical professional.

    The Durham Cerebral Palsy Foundation Fund selects grantees based on financial need and the need for the requested equipment/service(s).  Providing complete information on your application will greatly help its review.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Application Deadline

    October 1st, 2014