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Challenge Grants

Challenge Grants

Support local nonprofits in their challenge grants. Click to see a list of nonprofits that need your help.


Support the Triangle

Triangle Community Foundation is improving the quality of life in our region through grant dollars and programs that “go beyond” those dollars. We invite you to join us. Support the Fund for the Triangle today.


Send A Kid To Camp™

Help send a deserving child from the Triangle to camp this summer. Learn more and make a contribution here.

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Creating an Impact

GSK Invests in Community

2-year, $1 million charitable grant will go to a well-established collectives of organizations with demonstrated achievements in addressing factors that affect the health of youth. Learn more here!

Jim Stewart, The Investor

Community service is built into Jim Stewart’s DNA. “I think it’s a moral duty of everyone to try to help improve the lives of everyone, particularly those who have less than we do."

Pepper Fluke and Stephen Barefoot, The Visionaries

The vision for saving and restoring the Carolina theater has inspired a large cast of players performing diverse roles.Pepper Fluke and Stephen Barefoot share a passion for the arts.

Bob Johnston, The Innovator

“Food, shelter and clothing,” says Johnston, who is founder and executive director of Global Vaccines, a nonprofit in Morrisville. “They’re pretty basic. There are many people in our society who lack one or more of those.”